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Marrakech Calendar of Festivals and Events 2011 / 2012

Marrakech Events and Festivals in January – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Marrakech Marathon – sees 5,000 runners compete from countries all over the world in the world’s fastest marathon. Crowds line the streets and the atmosphere is particularly friendly and exciting

Marrakech Events and Festivals in February – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Tafraoute – this significant February event marks the end of the winter rains with lively music and dancing

Marrakech Events and Festivals in March – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Fatih Mouharam – Islamic New Year sees Muslims in Marrakech get together with friends and family and there is lots of praying at high-profile mosques in the city

Marrakech Events and Festivals in April – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Printemps musical des Alizés – this excellent music event goes off in Essaouira at the end of April to celebrate chamber music. Performances take place near Bab Marrakech Square at Dar Souiri

Marrakech Events and Festivals in May – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Aïd el Mouloud – this is the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, celebrated on May 3rd, when mosques around the city throng with people

Marrakech Events and Festivals in June – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Independence Day – a week-long celebration of Morocco’s independence from France in 1956, when parties feature all over the city

Marrakech Events and Festivals in July – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival (National des Arts Populaires) – this five-day event is one of the biggest of the Marrakech festival calendar and held each year in July. El-Badi Palace has the best performances, which include Berber musicians and seductive belly dancers
Fête du Trône – commemorating Mohammed VI’s 1999 accession to the throne, this important secular holiday sees lights and flags adorn buildings, as well as free entertainment and fireworks

Marrakech Events and Festivals in August – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Moussem de Setti Fatma – if you fancy getting out of the city when it is at its hottest in August, head to the High Atlas Mountains and the Ourika Valley to celebrate a traditional moussem

Marrakech Events and Festivals in September – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Ramadan – an Islamic holiday when Muslims countrywide fast for a month during the day. Night-time in the souks and cafés is buzzing with activity and eating

Marrakech Events and Festivals in October – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Eid al-Fitr – this three-day feast marks the end of Ramadan, when sheep and goats are slaughtered and feasts are enjoyed

Marrakech Events and Festivals in November – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Marrakech Film Festival – although not as popular as Cannes Film Festival, this is nevertheless a major local event and has seen some important directors, like Martin Scorsese, arrive in the city, along with further celebrities

Marrakech Events and Festivals in December – Marrakech, Morocco, MA

Olive Festival – if you are anywhere near Fez during December, the Olive Festival in Rafai, mid-month, is a must for traditional olive-picking and Diffa feasts

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